Welcome to my Experiments page. Here is a collection of a few code experiments I have done over the years.

Lights Out!

Inspired by the 1995 Tiger Electronics game, this homage to Lights Out is built entirely with CSS and javascript.

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Alien Onslaught

This Alien Shoot 'em up (Shmup) is a "Proof of Concept". The intent of the game was to make new type of game experience on a mobile device.
You control your player by tilting your device and shoot by tapping the screen. The desktop controls are the basic arrow keys to move and the spacebar to fire.
This experiment was made with the HTML5 canvas and Javascript.

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Parallax Paintings

Have you ever wanted to walk or fly through one of my paintings? A few years back I experimented with Skrollr, a parallax scrolling library. I had lots of fun separating the layers in my paintings. I hope you enjoy....more